Wishes and Blessings NGO Conducts a Research Survey on the Occasion of International Day of Charity


New Delhi, September 17, 2021: With an objective to understand the role of India’s youth in charity and social work, Delhi- based NGO, Wishes and Blessings, executed a research survey. The survey was hosted on account of the International Day of Charity, which is celebrated on 5 September annually. The prime purpose of this yearly event is to raise awareness and to provide a common platform for charity related activities all over the world, for individuals, as well as charitable and philanthropic organizations.

The ‘Charity and You(th)’ research survey was conducted online by Wishes and Blessings,focusing on individuals falling in the age bracket of 14 to 20 years. Over 500respondents showed interest and participated in this survey.

The NGO has been able to generate concrete statistics through the research survey and has shared vital information on the perception of youth on the social sector at large. Wishes and Blessings believes that such research surveys will help the organization to formulate more youth-friendly plans and projects.

“The youth is a valuable reserve for our country, as they have the energy, resources and unique constructive thoughts that if guided properly, can be executed to bring about sustainable and effective change. The survey was carried out for us to understand the youth in a better way when it comes to social work and charity. I was truly fascinated seeing the results myself.”, says Dr. Geetanjali Chopra, Founder & President of Wishes and Blessings.

The participants were asked both subjective as well objective questions in this survey.The study revealed various interesting statistics, like-

  • 482 individuals want to indulge in social service
  • 500+ individuals believe that social work is an important field of work
  • 490+ individuals believe that NGOs are a necessary element in the machinery of society in general

“We at Wishes and Blessings provide unique opportunities for the youth to engage in social work that is valuable not only for young individuals, but also for the beneficiaries. This research survey is just the beginning, now that we have the results with us, we would like to further understand, how the youth can be guided to bring about the change.” continues Dr. Chopra.

The organization firmly believes that this research will play a vital role in comprehending the participation and interest of youth in social services and charity a large. A copy of the published report can be accessed by following the link https://wishesandblessings.net/blog/charity-and-youth-a-study/


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