Why buying property during New Year as per Hindu Calendar is considered ideal for homebuyers


National, April 20, 2022: The belief that buying property on any auspicious occasion will bring in a lot of prosperity, luck and happiness has always carried itself forward into the modern society in India today.

Between supply chain disruptions amid the still-raging pandemic, industry experts say, 2022 is a promising year filled with opportunities to take charge of the budget and buy things you wish.

Sachin Chopda – Managing Director, Pushpam Group says, “Indians are optimistic that investing in a property will bring good fortune during the occasions such as Gudi Padwa, Baisakhi, Poila Baisakh, Ugadi, Akshay Tritiya since these days are considered as one of the holiest days of the year for new beginnings.”

The volume of residential property sales escalates exponentially in the country during the ongoing celebrations of New Year’s as per the Hindu Calendar.

Over the years, it has been a tradition and culture where people buy essentials for their house during the festive season or the start of the Hindu New Year.

Uttamaditya, CEO and Founder of U&I Interiors says, “Whether it is a new house or one is renovating the house, homeware is the most important part – especially when narrowed down to choosing them, from the kind of luxury decor to the type of furniture.”

Not only for buyers, but festivals are also important for developers as well. While buyers get attractive opportunities to invest in new properties, developers also get a huge number of bookings on such auspicious occasions.

Chopda of Pushpam Group points out, “The developers are aware of the Indian sentiment associated with festive investments, and hence, they come up with many attractive payment plan options to lure the homebuyers.” Therefore, to pocket in attractive discounts and payment plans, experts say the start of the Hindu new year could be an ideal time for homebuyers.

Rajat Rastogi, Executive Director, Runwal Group  says, “Due to the auspicious timings associated with new beginnings, there has always been a spike in home buying activity leading to an increase in sales for the real estate sector.”

He adds, “Special festive pricing or bundled benefits are sought by home buyers around these occasions and are also offered by developers, benefiting both parties.”