Views from Aseem Garg, Founder & CEO of DCDC Kidney care for World Health Day


National, April 07, 2022: Covid-19 has emerged as a global pandemic and has challenged the entire healthcare system. Dialysis Patients are ambiguous about getting infected, testing methods, preventive mechanisms, ponder on myths about the vaccination safety and manage commutation issues to hospital for routine dialysis during lockdown. Not only during pandemic but, due to accessibility and affordability constraints 70% of patients who start dialysis  give up mid-way.

If we want to see faster decreases in the number of patients being added to the pool of Chronic Kidney Disease, we must improve care quality, accessibility and affordability. The right to health, as well as the path to equity and dignity for the people of our country, is dependent on the quality of care provided. While we might have been able to achieve the quality, there’s still a long road to walk for accessibility and affordability. It is critical to provide health services that meet quality criteria in order to attain universal health coverage but it’s even more integral for them to be within your reach.