Universities Supporting College Students’ Mental Health On and Off Campus


National, May 17, 2022: The month of may is dedicated to mental health Awareness in India. On university campuses, mental health and wellbeing issues are on the rise. Student anxiety in higher education institutions has increased from 17 percent to 31 percent in just six years.   Many young adults are experiencing mental health issues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and also while things are getting back to normal this has been a major change in students’ life from comfort of study from home to back to campus lifestyle. It is seen that a student’s mental health is the most pressing issue for 70% of university presidents and faculties. 

Lovely Professional Universities have agreed that promoting wellness and cultivating campus cultures that prioritize wellbeing as a value would help students succeed academically. Similarly, the university keeps making efforts to reduce stigmas associated with mental health concerns by organizing workshops, activities and cultivating a happy atmosphere in the campus.