Union Finance Budget 2023–2024 reaction from Dr Jogin Desai, Co-founder & CEO, Eyestem,

Budget 2023: The year of Healthcare & Pharma Sector

National, February 04, 2023: The mission mode programme to eradicate sickle cell anemia can be tremendously impactful.  Such programmes are a marathon and not a sprint yet can  create a fantastic template for programmes for other diseases like curable blindness in subsequent years.  Also glad to see the focus on research and development in the pharma sector which is a much needed push to ensure a local ecosystem of innovation is created in India to make us self-reliant. One of the centres of excellence we would certainly like to see is plug and play GMP manufacturing infrastructure for startups in the biotech space. Overall, very pleased to see a deliberate method to nudge the Indian private and public ecosystem towards innovation and partnership.