Toilet rooms launched at Refah E Aam School by Mitta Foundation Trust


Hyderabad, March 27, 2021:  A Kind gesture towards poor Students. Toilets in Refa e Am Government Aided School was Constructed by the Financial help Mitta Foundation. School Correspondent Sripathi Pullareddy along with  Mitta Foundation Managing Trustee Vinod Mitta, foundation representatives Ramesh Mitta and Manohar Mitta and School teachers inaugurated the newly constructed student toilets at the school in Haribowli in Hyderabad old city on Friday. On this occasion  Correspondent, Pullareddy said that the school was started to educate the poor and weaker sections of the society and has paved the way for a great future for the students. Despite many setbacks, the school is developing day by day, has earned great fame in the old city. unfortunately, the Government neglects the school and it was deteriorating over time. He said he was happy to see the alumni respond and do great work for the school.  Refah-E-Aam Government Aided High School, which was running under sheds has been transformed into a corporate school with the help of  Mitta Foundation and alumni of the school, Mr Pulla Reddy praised.

The correspondent lauded Dr.Mitta Srinivas Rao the founder of the Mitta Foundation, whic has been instrumental in the development of the school. “Mitta Srinivas Rao and his wife working as doctors in the United States has accustomed to the social service perspective since childhood has been working for the development of the school for the last two years. The appearance of the school has changed. With a budget of Rs 15 lakh, it has also set up classroom buildings, a knowledge skill centre and playgrounds with sophisticated facilities. On this occasion, I would like to thank  Mr Srinivas Rao, and Mrs Swatantra Kala, the founders of the Mitta Foundation Trust, said the School Correspondent.

Vinod Mitta, Managing Trustee, Mitta Foundation Trust, said, “We are not just financing the development of the school, we are also focusing on every aspect here. we had completed development work without any delay even in Corona time. If necessary, we will make it a multi-model school with all the necessary facilities in future Mr Vinod Promised.

Skill Development Center employing youth

On other hand, the Mitta foundation has set up the Skill Development centre in 2018. The Center providing employment opportunities to hundreds of young people in the old City. Training in Computer Applications and other technical disciplines. Over the past two years, 300 students have been trained and employed at the skill development Center Mr Vinod told. We will start training technical skills like plumbing and AC technician in the coming days he added. The event was attended by Mitta Foundation trustees, retired school principal Yadamma, teachers, alumni and others.


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