ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India rolls out unique #LicenseToDrive initiative for its Women Employees to celebrate ‘International Women’s Day’


National, March 06, 2022: ŠKODA AUTO Volkswagen India Private Limited (SAVWIPL) is celebrating International Women’s Day with the rollout of their unique #LicenseToDrive initiative. The #LicenseToDrive initiative is based on the concept of ‘mobility enabling freedom.’ The initiative is being implemented with a series of communications campaigns, training sessions and on-ground events.

As an organization that is a global leader in mobility solutions, the #LicenseToDrive initiative is a natural fit to mark the International Women’s Day celebrations, to encourage the women employees in the organization, who have not been able to for innumerable reasons, commit time and effort towards learning this vital skill.

The initiative was rolled out in January this year. Within a week of the initiative’s rollout, almost 100 women employees expressed their interest in participating and getting their #LicensetoDrive.

Phase 1 of the program involved obtaining the Learner’s License. SAVWIPL arranged a series of virtual sessions for women employees across locations in February to prepare for the Learner’s License examination. SAVWIPL also facilitated the online assessment for Learner’s License for its women employees participating in this initiative. The Learner’s License will be handed over to the participating women employees at a celebratory event at SAVWIPL to mark International Women’s Day celebrations.

SAVWIPL will be rolling out the driver’s training program on March 8th to commence phase 2 of the #LicenseToDrive initiative. Each woman employee will be undergoing a month-long driver’s training to gain the necessary skills to appear and pass the RTO examination for their Driver’s License.

Given below are a few statements that have been shared by women employees of SAVWIPL group who are already driving in the program and are supporting the entire program. These messages have been shared with the participants in form of campaigns to motivate them further.

I – “Driving for me has been a liberating experience! Taking control of your travel plans without being dependent on anyone, not having to wait for the cab driver to cancel, are few things that have been nothing but delightful. The driving need not only be a means to get to a destination, but it could also be a means to unwind after a long day!”

II – “Nothing taught me more about the value of driving skills than the pandemic. To be able to drive a car, helped keep my family and me safe. It enabled us to meet my parents, who are old and stay afar, without the fear of spreading the virus, that might come with taking public transport.”

III – “I love road trips and for me, nothing comes closer to the experience of driving on highways, taking a weekend break without having to bother about booking tickets, and the pain to plan. To know how to drive empowers you to make choices.”

IV – “Big bags, small bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, travel bags, and much more…

For me, my car defines ‘convenience’. I carry what I need and leave the rest in my car, whether I am off for meetings, family functions, shopping, or dropping and picking up my children from school. All in all, driving the car myself, gives me my own privacy.”