Quote on World EV Day 2022 from Mr Sohinder Gill, Director General, Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV)


National, September 13, 2022: With many ups and downs in the past, we are finally seeing the industry blooming at the right pace. What more can we hope for than a simpler, more cost-effective, maintenance-free mobility solution that simplifies our lives, reduces our reliance on dirty fuel, and cleans our air? The overwhelming response from the citizens has outpaced the supply side of the OEMs.

As we move forward with the aim of making India an EV hub, it’s imperative that all stakeholders are in harmony so a solid logistical foundation can be built for the industry. Hence, on the occasion of World EV Day, we invite all the industry players to come together and work towards strengthening the local supply chain market so that we can create a sustainable EV ecosystem in the country. Celebrating the day is another way to renew our commitment to sustainability, especially by congratulating those who have chosen to go electric, keeping the sustainability board in mind and inviting others to do the same whenever they purchase any automotive product. Thus, we urge people to advocate for the cause of green mobility amongst their family and friends to become a part of the revolution