Post Budget reactions from Dr. Sudhir Prem Srivastava M.D. Founder, Chairman  & CEO – SS INNOVATIONS- 


National, February 03, 2022: This morning the finance minister announced the budget for 2022 where healthcare is spending has been increased to 2.348 lakh crore and it will be applied to mainly digital health, telehealth, mental health services, and one of the things. I want to emphasize that I think it is great to see an increase in digital health and telehealth will absolutely help but telehealth applications must be across the board. It must be included that there is tele education, telediagnosis,  there should be tele therapeutic and gradually we must be decentralized whereby healthcare is brought to all parts of the country. There must be also a significant investment in medical devices because currently, we import, which keeps the healthcare cost very high and not affordable to many of the people within the country. So, I hope these factors will be taken into consideration in the coming years.