Post Budget quotes from Awal Madaan,, iScuela and Marching Sheep (Education, Edtech and HR)


National, February 02, 2022: In my opinion, the budget has addressed various pain-points of the education sector, which is a key sector in skilling the workforce and pushing up economic growth.

The decision of giving equal broadband access to both rural and urban areas has won my heart because it will help millions of students study and compete with the world. Moreover, it will save a substantial amount of travel time for the students, which gets wasted in getting the right education from institutes in the nearby cities and towns.  My thumbs-up to the government’s concrete plans to introduce 5G connectivity, as it will strengthen the digital infrastructure of the country, which in turn will support the education sector. This visionary government has taken another positive step by focusing on the emerging careers with its plans for boosting the industries like animation, audio-visual, artificial intelligence and gaming in the financial year 2022-23. On the whole, this year’s budget will certainly be a driver of growth and a game-changer for the education sector.