Post budget quote from Mr. Sandeep Raheja, Chairman, K Raheja Realty

National, February 10, 2022: I believe that the Government has initiated the growth of technology and by providing education for all at macro-level through setting up the digital university and providing content in regional languages. Over & above they are also allocating better budgets for education.

Leapfrogging Indian students to the next era of technology and mass education, this will be a great opportunity to facilitate the growth and development of the field in general. India will create one of the largest generations of educated youth, which will make India one of the largest Economic Markets.

The industry can benefit from young aspirers who not only have great knowledge of technology and innovative methods but also technical knowledge and creative minds.

The budget has emphasized giving due consideration in introducing courses related to infrastructure and urban planning. This will ensure that the future of Indian infrastructure will be more advanced and efficient and it will help in developing India-specific knowledge in urban planning and design.