Pinnacle Bloom Network Launches First Autism Therapy Center in Andhra Pradesh


– Krishna Collector Shri A.Md. Imtiaz, IAS, inaugurated the Center
– New facility will prepare autistic children for a self-reliant future

Vijayawada, March 31, 2021:  Pinnacle Blooms Network,first-of-its-kind chain of Child Development, Rehabilitation facilities with core purpose to empower 80+ crore kids, children, people with neurological conditions across 230+ countries today announced the launch of its first center in Andhra Pradesh. Krishna district Collector Shri A. Md. Imtiaz, IAS, inaugurated the Center on Monday at Labbipet, Vijayawada. Equipped with right resource & expertise, the new centre will prepare children in autism to maximize their independence, help them coordinate the multiple social inter-dependencies and be a part of mainstream society.

Pinnacle Blooms Network has a free National helpline number 9100 181 181 to share information, provide guidance, empowerment about autism including speech therapy, special education and occupational and physiotherapy, Behavioral therapy.

Autism is growing at the epidemic alarming rate, as of 2020; one in every 60 kids in India is diagnosed to be autistic. There has been an increase in the prevalence of autism in India over the years. Once considered rare, autism is one of the more common developmental disabilities today.

“We are happy to launch our new centre in Vijawada. This expansion is testament to our enduring commitment to provide increasing access to holistic therapies with more specialized services to a rapidly growing autistic population in India.” said Dr Sreeja Reddy Saripalli, Founder, Chief Strategist Pinnacle Blooms Network.

“The state of the art facility will provide the best-in-class clinical care along with compassion and motivational guidance to the autistic children for becoming self-sufficient and leading a meaningful & fulfilling life.” She added.

The new centre will focus on the overall development of kid’s research-oriented integrated multi-disciplinary, multi-sensorial environment by bringing in the full-time, permanent doctors, therapists of various trades under one roof.

Established in 2017, Pinnacle Blooms Network is Multi-Disciplinary, Multi-Sensory, Integrated #1 Autism Therapy Centres Network, focused on to empowering kids and people with neurological, psychological conditions to stand chance at career, family, life through innovative 16+ therapeutic services with the help of Mirracle Artificial Intelligence Engine.  By bringing together world class multi patentable technology, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing combined with empathetic people, customer oriented processes administered with their core value system of Being Open, Being Honest, Being Transparent, Being Self-Critical, Pinnacle Blooms Network created Mirraccle AI Engine, first of its kind in the space across the world.

Diagnosed 104 years before Autism Spectrum Disorder is a life-long neurological condition. affecting sensorial aspects endanger kids normal life and make them withdrawn from the society and be helpless, dependent on medication but only therapeutic solutions by proven therapists in multi-sensory, multi-disciplinary integrated therapy environment can help kid to be able to control the high/low sensory activity and be self-sufficient, be part of mainstream society, stand a chance at career, family, life.


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