Over 1500+ cyclists join the Hiranandani Thane Cyclothon 2022 to support the initiative ‘Rhyme for Earth’


~ Shri, Ashok Shingare, Collector, Thane, unveiled a 10-foot-long installation formed of plastic at the Hiranandani Estate to raise awareness about environmental degradation ~

Thane, October 02, 2022: The Hiranandani group hosted the first Hiranandani Thane Cyclothon today from its thriving Thane township, Hiranandani Estate. Over 1500 cyclists gathered at the township from 6:30 AM onwards to ride in different categories such as 30 kms, 15 kms and 5 kms, on the occasion of the cyclothon.

The cyclothon #PedalForEarth event is part of the brand’s larger initiative ‘Rhyme for Earth’, which propagates the need for a sustainable lifestyle. It is the first action-oriented step towards inspiring everyone to make a change in their day-to-day lives and contribute to a cleaner and greener tomorrow. The cyclothon’s opening ceremony was attended by, Shri, Ashok Shingare, Collector, Thane.

The goal of the #RhymeforEarth campaign is to raise awareness about the need to protect the environment. According to a study by the United Nations, as much as 13 million tonnes of plastic enters our oceans annually. By 2050, plastic will outweigh marine life in the oceans. A study by Lancet states that bad air kills more than a million people every year in India. The #RhymeForEarth is a thought-provoking initiative that gives a reality check on the destruction caused to nature. It aims to inspire people to adopt an environmentally friendly way of living.

A 10 feet long installation resembling a bucket full of plastic and created with plastic bottles was stationed at The Walk. The motive was to showcase the quantity of plastic that was thrown out of our homes only to see it back in our surroundings in ways we never imagined.

As a part of the campaign, over 1500 people took the pledge to be mindful of their acts towards the environment and save it for the future generation.

Mr. Prashin Jhobalia, Vice President, Marketing Strategy at House of Hiranandani,”We have always taken a proactive approach to environmental sustainability and conservation. The Hiranandani Thane cyclothon is just the first step of our larger campaign ‘Rhyme for Earth’ that aims to save and nurture the environment. We are honored to have Shri, Ashok Shingare, Collector, Thane, to join us with our efforts. His presence and participation in ‘Rhyme for Earth’ will inspire many people to make efforts to protect our valuable environment from degradation and destruction.

Today, the Hiranandani Group is synonymous with luxury living, while also setting new standards for sustainable living and fostering a healthy, socially conscious, and close-knit community. The Hiranandani Thane Cyclothon was created with the goal of inspiring people to live healthy and active lifestyles. I believe this is only the beginning, and we intend to scale up such events in the coming years,”

Shri, Ashok Shingare, Collector, Thane, “The Hiranandani Thane #PedalforEarth campaign is an encouraging effort to effect positive social change. It is our responsibility to promote social change, and I consider myself blessed to be a part of such an initiative. A large number of participants demonstrated that people are willing to go above and beyond to contribute to nature conservation and environmental sustainability. The initiative urges the upcoming youth to use the most energy-efficient modes of transport that can help reduce carbon emissions and contribute to improving air quality.”

Cyclist Feroza Suresh, spoke on the many benefits one could achieve with cycling. She encouraged more people to take up cycling, starting with shorter routes.The cyclothon began at 6:30 AM and the organizers chose a quieter route to ensure the safety and smooth movement of the cyclists.Ambulances, several QRT vehicles, and a fire brigade truck were stationed along the cyclothon route for any emergency.