New Artworks by Artist Rima Singh to add colour to your mood and space


National, August 05, 2021: Artist Rima Singh’s new range of artworks are based on being true to yourself and nurturing it.She hopes that through her art she can enlighten people about mental health and  give them a ray of hope.Her artworks are usually portraits and are made in various layers. Rima finds her inspiration from humans and their emotions. She tries to bring out the emotion’s humans hide inside them. She finds it honourable to be able to do such a thing. Although it is a very delicate and hard concept, Rima tries to draw them without getting discouraged.  Till now Rima has introduced us to multiple breathtaking artworks. They are empowering and bring out emotions.

According to Rima Singh “900 million people suffer from mental health disorders, I hope that when anyone sees my art it gives them hope to see the light.”

Price on Request

You can check out her artworks on


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