Mental Health Break at Mom’s Belief


Mom’s Belief Launches Initiatives to support Employee’s Mental & Emotional Health 

Gurgaon, September 16, 2021: Mom’s Belief, the largest mental healthcare provider for children in South-East Asia announces Mental Health Break, a long weekend helping employees relax, reset, and reboot to bring the best self to work. 

The brand strongly feels that people nowadays lead a fast-paced life and the stress levels are rising exponentially both in their personal and professional arenas. Considering that the last year and half have been challenging for everyone owing to the pandemic, the launch of this initiative by Mom’s Belief was indeed a strategic move. 

The firm offers high-end services in the area of Mental Health Care. Mom’s belief understands the value of Mental Health and that everyone needs some time off to spend time with their loved ones. It is recognized in the industry as an employee-centric workplace and always prioritizes the well-being of its employees. 

Employee mental wellbeing considers stress, burnout, and any other unpleasantness that employees may be experiencing. Employees who have access to mental health benefits or work in an environment where mental health is openly discussed will be better equipped to look after their mental health. After the second wave of pandemic in the last 4 months the company has shown tremendous progress as a team and break all the previous boundaries and limited notions and they have other bigger milestones to achieve in upcoming months. To keep the team motivated during these challenging & stressful times, the company takes these small steps to take into account employee’s well being. 

This upcoming weekend is going to be a long weekend for “Mental Health Break”  (September 17th, 18th and 19th) to ‘distress’ & give everyone some dedicated time off beyond regularly scheduled holidays and leaves.


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