Maitri: A femtech platform providing accurate and medically verified, trustworthy health information to women across all age groups


New Delhi, February 21, 2022:  Women constitute 50% of the world’s population and form the crux of our social framework. In spite of this, there are large gaps in the access to healthcare and awareness about women’s health issues in the society. A major reason for this is the hesitation & social taboos about discussion on any topic related to female reproductive health & wellness.

Maitri is an initiative started by Dr. Anjali Kumar, a senior gynaecologist, other senior doctors and few strong, empowered women in the public domain.  Maitri brings with it a perfect amalgamation of knowledge, experience & social empathy along with a vision to educate and empower every woman across all age groups & social strata in matters related to her health & wellbeing.

Maitri promises to deliver health content which is socially relevant & responsible and at the same time, is medically authentic & accurate. The team at Maitri ensures that the delivered information is scientifically verified and works especially hard to bust the myths around feminine healthcare & relevant social issues.

According to Dr. Anjali Kumar, the founder of Maitri, ‘When it comes to women’s health, it is not just a health issue that we are dealing with, it is also a social & cultural problem that we are addressing’.

Maitri was started amidst the Coronavirus pandemic in August 2020 and since then has steadily grown to become a community of more than half a million women who are self-aware & well informed as far as their health is concerned. What sets Maitri apart from other Femtech platforms is that the information is medically authentic, verified and delivered in a transparent, non judgemental manner by experienced doctors who are experts in their respective fields.

The vision at Maitri is – To create the most preferred and a complete digital information space for women’s health, across all ages. This vision is backed by a team of dedicated & sincere socially responsible women & doctors who are working to make this dream a reality and to accomplish the mission of delivering the latest, medically authentic, complete & holistic information about women’s health and wellness across all age groups in a simple manner.

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