Kurnool Ex MP Butta Renuka selected as a Kurnool woman’s wing president


National, August 05, 2022: Butta Renuka finally got a promotion in the YSRCP. She was appointed as the president of YSRCP women’s wing of Kurnool district.

Butta Renuka was a TDP candidate as an MP on behalf of YSRCP in the 2014 elections in Andhra Pradesh. She contested against Naidu and won by a huge margin of 4,72,782 votes. After that, she joined the ruling Telugu Desam Party in 2017 and became active. But again during the 2019 elections, due to factional differences in the TDP, it again joined its own house. Aharnisha worked tirelessly for the victory of the party without aspiring for any position. Butta Renuka, who first worked actively in the YSRCP party programs after winning the 2019 elections with a huge majority, was not given any responsibilities as the days passed by, but slowly stayed away from the party activities. Noticing this, Chief Minister Jagan has now appointed Butta Renuka as the president of the district women’s department. Jagan’s followers are happy that former MP Butta Renuka has finally been handed over the post of Jagan.

Also the name of former MP Butta Renuka has come up. When Butta Renuka was the MP of Kurnool, she adopted Naguladinne, which ended in floods, and earned the people’s forgiveness. Not only that, butta family also has good kinship with the well-known MG Raghunath family in Yemmiganur . Butta Renuka is working hard to regain her place in YSRCP. At this juncture, giving Butta Renuka the post of a woman president gives more excitement according to the reports published in pipanews.com.

Educational background..!
Butta Renuka completed her schooling from Raj Bhavan Government School, Hyderabad. She completed her degree in Dr. BR Ambedkar Universal University. Completed courses in theater and Indian classical dance. She is one of the richest MPs in the country with assets of over Rs 300 crore.

Always ahead in service programs…!
She helps children who are suffering from visual impairment. Apart from supporting cancer patients, she actively participates in many programs to raise awareness about the disease. Also, Prajwala Sansthan, which takes care of the welfare of HIV-infected children, stands behind cultural institutions.

Butta Renuka says that she wants to continue as an MP from the beginning. Butta Renuka says that she will contest as an MLA or MP if the leadership orders her to maintain the trust of the people. Let’s see whether YSRCP will give Buttarenuka a chance to contest in direct elections in the next elections..!