International SOS Launches New Version of ManagerView


This version offers enhanced foresight capabilities, enabling organisations to efficiently plan and manage their incident response for every aspect of a crisis

Mumbai, April 17, 2022: International SOS has launched a new version of ManagerView, an integrated workforce resilience platform that enables organisations to better monitor and understand how medical and security incidents around the world may impact their workforce. The release is part of an enhancement to International SOS’ Global Workforce Resilience Platform and offers a new customised dashboard view, allowing users to select and filter the information and alerts that are most relevant to their organisation. This new level of personalisation helps managers to swiftly assess current and potential risks to their people and assets. 

Tim Healy, Group Product Director at International SOS commented: “As we enter the third year of the pandemic, COVID-19 continues to cause unprecedented disruptions to organisations’ operations. On top of that, business leaders face the challenge to manage workforce risk and threats including geopolitical tensions, social unrest and natural disasters. Having an all-in-one intuitive workforce management tool that provides them with relevant, up-to-date and reliable incident information is critical for Duty of Care and business continuity.“

Healy added “With the new ManagerView, organisations can monitor and quickly identify key threats that could potentially impact their people or assets from one, single platform. The platform allows managers to quickly assess a situation, and make decisions on which actions to take, as well as easily curate and securely share incident information which they can communicate with employees and stakeholders.”

With this new release, users of ManagerView can now access a full range of International SOS digital solutions including Tracker,  Digital Learning PortfolioCOVID Trip Planner and the newly launched Ukraine Microsite directly from the ManagerView platform.

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