Inmask Saviour – 99% Viruses Killed In 60 Seconds


INMASK, one of the leading masks brands in the country, has announced the launch of  new mask –– Saviour 2.0   

National, January 06, 2021: INMASK Saviour is one of the safest community masks in the world today. The Saviour 2.0 takes it up another level with its ability to kill 99% viruses in 60 seconds. The inner and outer layers all have this amazing ability, protecting both the wearer and people around them. Along with its extreme filtration efficiency of up to 99% (Ability to block the virus from reaching you), this mask now stands in a league of its own. Tested by Nelsons Lab, USA and BTS lab. These masks can be washed 50 times and still maintain their anti-viral and filtration abilities. Saviour 2.0 is designed with odour free 3-ply patented fabrics sourced from the USA and Europe. With adjustable ear loops, they are ideal for wearing over longer durations without any hassle or discomfort.

The masks can be purchased from Inmask’s online store or from leading retailers nationwide.

Price Range –

Saviour 2.0 Mask: Rs.699

Available at


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