IndianShelf presents “Theia – A gold inspired collection of ceramic knobs”


National, March 08, 2022: Gold is classic and it makes design appealing, elegant, classic and at the same time luxurious. Inspired from the classic allure of Gold, IndianShelf, one of India’s leading online platforms that specializes in home décor products has launched ‘Theia’ – a collection of gold inspired cabinet & furniture knobs. Crafted & designed specifically for the patrons of fine living, the ‘Theia’ collection reiterates the company’s commitment to create home décor products that are classic yet contemporary.

Gold, juxtaposed with any other colour, hue & texture create a design trend that brings contemporary flair and modern decoration to home design. Gold goes well with dark tones like navy blue, black, strong red and equally well with soft tones – white, pink, creamy colors. With Theia knobs, you get sleek & luxurious looking knobs that are easily stylized & compliments any cabinet or door it has been adorned upon.

The limited edition range of Theia gold knobs are handmade, beautiful and durable. It’s a stunning range of which can enhance the look of any ordinary looking door or cabinet. Each knob has gone through exquisite workmanship yet the company has done its bit to price it economically so that more & more people can have this piece of art at their homes.

“Gold hardware is a classic that never really goes out of style. Our Theia collection which has heavy accents of Gold is not only extremely stylish but also relatively straightforward to implement into any home. These knobs are very comfortable to fix, functional to use and a great aesthetic enhancer to any corner. We have received a great response for this range” says Mr Akshay Gupta, IndianShelf

Knobs and handle work as a holder to pull or push the doors and cabinets. Knobs are round shaped lump or balls-like features, unlike handles that are elongated in design and shape; placed at the end of the surface of an object. They transform the house into a beautiful décor, complimenting the kitchen, bathrooms or living rooms. From classic vintage styles to modern contemporary designs, knobs and handles can be found in beautifully crafted handmade designs.