Høglund scores LNG retrofit of Base Marine’s vessel


National, March 15 2021: Hannah Kristina, owned by Base Marine Norway can operate dry bulk, wet bulk and general cargo. The vessel is under the technical management of Larvik Shipping while Halliburton is the end-charterer.

The project aims to improve the vessel’s environmental footprint by converting the marine diesel oil-fuelled vessel into dual-fuel by supplying an LNG Fuel Gas Supply System (FGSS) alongside an upgrade with shore power connection.

Høglund said in its statement it will collaborate with HB Hunte Engineering and Fiskerstrand Verft for the naval architecture and shipyard elements of the project, respectively. The entire project will be classed by DNV.

The scope under the contract consists of a 250-cbm capacity FGSS with a dedicated gas control and safety system to serve the already installed dual-fuel M/E with natural gas.

For the shore-power upgrade that will be used to power the vessel while berthing and to charge the existing Energy Storage System (ESS), Høglund will supply and install a package consisting of shore connection cabinets of 690V / 600kVA compatible with shore power supply according to the reports published in offshore-energy.biz.

Both systems will be integrated into the existing Automation System (IAS), Power Management System (PMS) and ESS control systems of the vessel which were delivered and installed by Høglund in 2018.

The project will further include the adjustment of the mooring arrangement in the LNG tank area and an upgrade to the ventilation system, among other conversions.

The delivery of the retrofitted vessel is expected to take place in March 2022.

The goal of this project is to upgrade a 20-year-old vessel with modern environmental credentials. With the use of LNG and battery power, the vessel will significantly reduce its CO2 and NOx emissions both while at sea and during harbour stays, Høglund said in its statement.

Supporting the project is the Norwegian NOx Fund, a partnership between the Norwegian government and the private sector committed to reducing NOx emissions in Norway.


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