Hero Cycles builds enviable Children’s Bicycle Portfolio with Doraemon, Jimmy and Jordan

  • Cycling is a fun activity and one that can immensely benefit children and their health, especially at a time when outdoor activities are at a premium.
  • Hero Cycles has augmented its bicycle portfolio for children through the pandemic.
  • These bikes encourage kids to learn how to balance on pedals/brakes while rolling along.
  • That’s because all these new lines come retrofitted with additional anti-infection soft new-design handle grips and safety features such as the Anti-Pinch braking lever system.

New Delhi, February 18, 2022: The COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent restrictions and lockdowns have been hard on everybody. Yet the blows have landed the hardest on one of the softest targets ever, namely children. While as kids, we could decide whether to play hide-and-seek, go fishing, or simply run amok in gardens, the scenario has changed. Present time witnesses young elders waking up just to sit in front of digital screens and take classes via the online media; they even meet their friends the same way. All in the name of their safety!

In order for children to remain energetic and young a while longer, Hero Cycles has launched several kid’s bicycle range. This way they can have fun, meet friends and yet maintain the mandatory social distancing on rides in sizes and colours of their choice. So that they can, even when outfitted in masks, get a breath of fresh air outside of the four walls of their homes.

Commenting on their rapidly growing portfolio of children’s bikes, Mr. Pankaj M MunjalChairman, and Managing DirectorHMC, a Hero Motors Company, says, “COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic had initially forced us all to stay at home; gradually we have understood we need to live with the virusalbeit as safely as possible. With that thought foremost in mind and the fact that children have become the softest targets in this global fallout, Hero Cycles has worked hard to find ways to help them hang on to their childhoods. That’s the reason that prompted us to launch new lines—Hero Sprint Jimmy, Hero Sprint Jordan, and Hero X Doraemon, that have enhanced anti-infection protection and additional safety features such as Anti-Pinch braking systems. This way, we have peace of mind regarding their safety and they can finally have some fantastic times in the open.”

Hero Cycles initially launched the Hero Sprint Jimmy and Hero Sprint Jordan collections, with retro fitted new-design anti-bacterial handle grips to keep the children safe while they are cycling. Subsequently, they added the Hero X Doraemon range to the portfolio to offer them more choice, especially with the most loved animated character ever. Besides the Anti-Pinch braking system, the bikes sport PH-free saddles and are designed in accordance with EU standards. The sleek, clean designs of the three bike range also ensure children have a quiet, smooth ride.

“Cycling is the most effective and convenient way to stay healthy and active while adhering to social distancing norms. It’s popular among children since it is fun and among their parents, since it’s the safest mode of transportation for kids; that it also protects the environment is an added bonus. Cycling offers all riders various health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, stronger bones, better arthritis therapy, and weight loss. So, if we can build a cycling culture among children and adults, we are actually contributing to building a healthy nation,” adds Mr. Munjal.