HCL Foundation hosts HCL Grant Pan India Symposium 2022 Edition VIII ‘CSR for Nation Building’ in New Delhi


National, June 23, 2022:

Ø HCL Foundation has already invested INR 900 crores in CSR in the last 11 years

Ø Launches HCL Grant Edition VIII with a commitment of INR 16.5 crores

  • HCL Foundation (HCLF), the CSR (corporate social responsibility) arm of HCL Technologies, hosted the HCL Grant pan India Symposium 2022 Edition VIII in the capital for NGOs in Delhi NCR and neighboring states.
  • Through this symposium, HCL Foundation reached out to the NGOs on CSR mandate, challenges, and opportunities in the local area development, Proposal Writing, and Project Management. It encouraged them to apply for the HCL Grant 2022. The state has many good NGOs working in Education, Health, and Environment, which could benefit from the symposium.
  • The daylong event comprised a panel discussion on ‘The role of NGOs in shaping the emerging ESG narrative in India’ with eminent speakers including Nidhi Pundhir, Director, HCL Foundation, Dr Bhaskar Chatterjee, Director General & CEO at Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs, Parul Soni, Global Managing Partner, Thinkthrough Consulting, Kshama Kaushik, Director TARI.
  • The symposium comprised a Masterclass/workshop on CSR Laws and New Amendment by Bhomik Shah, CEO and Founder, CSRBox and NGOBox; and Nikhil Pant, Chief Executive Officer at REACHA, former Chief Programme Executive, National Foundation for CSR, IICA, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, GOI.
  • HCL Foundation firmly believes in the power of grassroots empowerment. The HCL Grant Symposium Series – ‘CSR for Nation Building’ – is one such opportunity that enables us to engage, co-learn, and co-create ideas for sustained nation-building from the ground up.
  • The HCL Grant Pan-India Symposiums bring together NGOs, government, corporates, and policymakers from across India on one platform to interact and develop regional and a sectoral understanding of CSR and deliberate upon how to contribute toward nation-building.
  • 65 symposiums had already been conducted under HCL Grant, out of which 22 were e-symposiums, and 34 were conducted in person and were attended by 11,000+ participants. Nearly 11,34,498 people benefitted.
  • INR 95.75 crore has been committed through HCL Grant till Edition VII, while ~INR 52 crore fund has already been deployed. We have partnered with 41 NGO partners, out of which 18 NGOs have won INR 5crore each and 23 NGOs have won INR 25 lakh each for their respective projects. The total fund committed for the eighth edition is ₹16.5 crores.
  • HCL Grant has seen a significant increase in registrations. From 2016 onwards, 35000+ Registrations and 7500+ applications were received under HCL Grant. The idea of the HCL Grant is not only to recognize the work of NGOs contributing to the nation’s growth and development but also to stay engaged with them to achieve the desired impact.

For more information, please visit http://hclgrant.hcltech.com

Quote of Ms. Nidhi Pundhir, Director, HCL Foundation

HCL Foundation, through HCL Grant Symposiums Edition VIII, aims to bring together NGOs, Government, Corporates, and Policymakers across India on one platform to develop a regional and a sectoral understanding of CSR (corporate social responsibility) and deliberate upon how it can contribute toward #NationBuilding.

We have witnessed an overwhelming response to the symposium today and are delighted to see many NGOs coming in with their interesting work and hope that the sessions will help participant NGOs re-establish strong governance in civil society. We believe that the symposiums will efficiently empower NGOs with the latest information on best practices and transformative ideas and support them in building a better India.