Hafele’s Cuatro 1000 Mixer Grinder


National, February 14, 2022: For generations, the Indian kitchen has never been complete without the quintessential Mixer-Grinder. For many, the delectable pastes, curries and chutneys made in the mixer-grinders are a part of the ‘secret recipes’ passed down for generations, forming an integral element of an individual’s culture. To honour this legacy and warrant further innovation, Häfele introduces new premium mixer – grinder models to its Counter top Range of Appliances – Cuatro 1000, Eleganz 800 and Thea 1200.

When chemicals in food are exposed to the oxygen in the air, their composition changes and they begin to deteriorate. A traditional blender, while blending accelerates the oxidation process of food particles which results in the food undergoing a change in taste, colour, texture and in losing most of its nutrients which in turn impacts the life of the blended food. Häfele’s Cuatro 1000 Mixer-Grinder brings to the table and your homes the maximum goodness of fruits and vegetables in the form of Vacuo Technology.

With just a tap of the button, it removes the air and oxygen responsible for oxidation of food from the jar and stops the subsequent depletion of the micronutrients to enhance the shelf life and preserve the nutrient content of the food. Once the air is pulled out of the blending jar, the food is blended uniformly at high speed thus providing it a perfectly smooth texture without the formation of air bubbles.

The Victus Blade, from Häfele’s Ninja Series, present in the Cuatro 1000 is an amalgamation of traditional sharp edged chutney grinding blade and dry grinding blade which provides you with the perfect concoction of juice, chutney and spice mixture that stay fresh for hours.