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National, April 22, 2021: Long gone are the times when a sink was merely used for function. These days it can be the muse for a kitchenor perhaps an entire home. Häfele’s range of SILGRANITTMkitchen sinks by BLANCO, Germany is backed by 60 years of experience and research in market knowledge, engineering proficiency and latest technologies, just so that we can adapt to your likeness and needs. The SILGRANIT material is a unique and patented technological breakthrough that combines the hardest elements found in natural granite, acrylic, ceramic and colour pigments to give you the result of a kitchen sink surface you may have never seen before.

Features – Sinks:

  • Hygiene+ Plus is a patented built-in hygiene protection formula that acts as a shield against dirt and bacteria and makes it antibacterial. It reduces the growth of hygienically relevant bacteria by up to 98%.
  • Scratch resistant property of the sinks makes it safer for you to stack utensils and sharp-edged containers or instruments in them without worrying about scrapes and abrasions. The draining board can be also used for cutting and chopping activities owing to this property.
  • The SILGRANITTMsurface can take heat up to temperatures of 280 ˚C allowing you stress-free and convenient handling of hot pans and pots.
  • You can place and work with food and vegetables in these sinks, as the SILGRANITTMmaterial is food safe.
  • The SILGRANITTMmaterial contains agents that repel dirt and water and hence it is easy to clean and care for.


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