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Google’s new feature lets you create apps without coding

New Delhi, October 24, 2020:

Google has launched AppSheet to its Google Workspace interface, a feature that lets users create an app without having to write any code.

Through the cloud’s no-code development platform, Google aims to eliminate the hassle of learning or finding someone to code, develop and fix an app.

Users can create their own applications using AppSheet directly from Google Sheets. Simply open Sheet and look for ‘Open in AppSheet’ option under Tools.

Create an AppSheet account, start making an app and the AppSheet will manage the other parts -coding, analysing the data structure and creating a prototype app from it.

The data in the Sheet will serve as the source of data for the new application. AppSheet will automatically detect types of data connected, and will create an interface that is easy to use.

After a prototype is created, users can make modifications to their app with the options provided. It will then provide an option of installing the app on mobile and any future updates made to the app will be instantly reflected.

In addition to this, they can add dashboards to show real-time data, barcodes to scan items, and email workflows to receive automatic notifications according to the reports published in thehindu.com.

AppSheet enables users to build all kinds of apps ranging from an app that manages customer orders to a safety app.

“There are plenty of possibilities to explore, especially since AppSheet integrates with other handy tools like Google Calendar, Maps and more,” Google said in a blog post.


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