Festive gifts have the right to carry a low carbon footprint, be Sustainable, Inclusive & Healthy!

National, September 07, 2022: Kocoatrait Sustainable gifts come with their carbon footprint calculated and are great for the environment — but it turns out, it is good for your business too. While helping Unify employee’s views to the company’s culture, sustainability and inclusivity goals / values Kocoatrait Sustainable gifts also help improve employer branding, helps boost employee morale / motivation and Employee Well-Being. Some business benefits of Sustainable gifting are:
  • Employees at eco-friendly companies are 16% more productive than average. — UCLA Newsroom
  • Sales revenue can be boosted by up to 20% due to corporate responsibility practices. — Harvard Business Review
  • 92% of consumers say their trust in brands is greater when a company is environmentally conscious. — Forbes

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