Faber Launches a Compact Water Heater (FWG Helios Black Ivory)


New Delhi, February 03, 2022: Faber launches a convenient and compact water heater –  Faber’s FWG helios water heaters – go beyond the ordinary! FWG Helios in black ivory comes with Powerful heating element and the vertical and elegant design is bound to complement the décor of your kitchen/ or bathroom.

Available in 10 ltr/ 15 ltr/ 25 ltr with 2KW wattage. Made of Molded plastic body with 2 KW heating element that helps heat water quicker.Faber’s water heater comes with thermal cut-out to ensure electrical safety and ascertain temperature regulation above a certain limit.

They come with a single weld unlike other water heaters which have a 3 piece structure. This feature of minimal weld joints reduces leakage by 67% in high pressure scenarios. Pressure- 8 bars: our water heaters can withstand upto 8 bars pressure making it suitable for even high rise building.


·        Heavy duty Anode rode: the anode rod is a unique component that helps storage water heaters to prolong their lifespan.

·        Powerful heating element: They are Glassline coated that makes them suitable for all kinds of water.

·        Single tank welding: There are three different sizes for the tank it can hold up to 25 litre + 5%.

·        8 BAR pressures: Allows you to adjust the pressure according to your convenience. And it indicates the pressure.

·        Temperature adjustable knob: Helps you adjust the temperature according to your preference.

Price: Price on Request

Website: www.faberindia.com

Customer service: 1800 209 3484