Ergo-fit Cuisio Organisers – Black Finish by Hafele


Additional storage space is a benefit, but efficiently organized storage space is a true blessing.

National, July 29, 2021: When our surroundings are uncluttered, our minds are more creative, peaceful and efficient. To sort and organize your kitchen utilities, Häfele brings to you its Ergo-fit Cuisio Cutlery Organisers in an all new Black finish for your drawers irrespective of their widths. These elegant and high value insert systems consist of translucent plastic trays of varying sizes that can be arranged in a configuration that feels the most convenient to you with help of premium Aluminium connecting profiles. Each tray can be individually equipped with adjustable dividers, that help create internal segregation, providing individual freedom to organize the drawers to your storage requirements. The rising trend and demand for dramatic black interiors and furniture is here to stay and Häfele’s Ergo-fit Cuisio Cutlery Organisers in the new translucent black finish are sure to help you achieve the contemporary kitchen interior you desire!


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