Detoxie, India’s 1st Anti-Stress & Anti-Pollution Skincare Brand is here


Skincare products designed especially for City Life without any harsh chemicals

National, April 06, 2021: With the increasing stress and pollution in our daily urban lives, the brand focuses on formulations that help calm the skin and also negate the effects of pollution on skin and scalp. Whether it’s hard water that damages your hair or the pollution and stress that affect your skin, Detoxie addresses it all. Detoxie has created solutions that are the need of the hour. They understand the fast-paced urban life and know what stress, fatigue and pollution can do to our skin. Detoxie aims to solve these problems one step and one product at a time. At Detoxie, they create high quality skincare to protect your skin from the harmful effects of city pollution, hard water, late nights, passive smoking, office pressures, fatigue and other urban stressors that can make us look dull & age us faster.

Detoxie keeps their formulations as close to nature as possible by using natural and naturally derived ingredients from around the world. All formulations are either FDA or AYUSH certified and where required even dermatologically tested. Depending on the Detoxie product you choose and your skin or hair type, you can expect to see results in a few minutes to 45 days. At Detoxie, they spend a lot of time formulating our products and bring you the best possible combinations to give you fast and visible results.

Detoxie was conceptualized during the lockdown in 2020 and was launched in September 2020. Right from the onset, the idea behind Detoxie is to remain very very REAL – in terms of the consumer needs, products, formulations, packaging and even some of the basic promises. Like one of the promises the brand keeps is contributing 1% of the revenues to the Indian Army which is currently done through the Bharat Ke Veer Foundation.

According to Robin Chopra,Founder Detoxie “The inspiration was very real. It was a casual party with a few friends where the talk was as usual about how we can make India better and what all we can change. Suddenly out of the blue a friend yelled “I don’t know anything else but the water in my shower needs to change, it’s hard and I don’t like what it does to my hair” – That’s just when it struck me that something needed to change in the skincare business – it needed to be more real, that addresses the actual problems at hand and not just have superficial claims. The idea of Detoxie was just born”

Detoxie skincare products are specific in nature, and thus have some of the finest ingredients from around the world.  Some Key Active ingredients used depending on the product fit are Japanese Matcha, Redensyl, Milk Proteins, Vegetarian Keratins, Soy Proteins, Acne Busters, etc.The entire product range by Detoxie is free form harsh chemicals and toxins and also free of sulfates, parabens and are never tested on animals.The range includes face and hair care, with face care ranging from serums, oils, packs to creams. Hair care includes an effective shampoo, hair mask and a hair tonic.

So time to check out Detoxie skincare ,you got to try it to believe the results.

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