Delta 105 introduces the longest Zipline in Delhi-NCR


New Delhi, March 06, 2022: Delta 105, an army experience zone and elite camp in Manesar, Haryana, launches the city’s longest zipline, extending over 225 metres. The zipline’s starting point is 40 feet high, allowing two individuals to participate in the activity at the same time. Delta 105 offers tourists enriching experiences by simulating life in an Army camp and providing insight into ‘what makes a jawan?’

This army theme park is located close to Manesar, about a 30-minute drive from Gurugram, and is spread out across a verdant 26-acre plot away from a highly populated area, as do most army bases. It is a unique idea that recreates the entire army life experience for students, friends, family, and business colleagues to enjoy, learn, and treasure a variety of army activities under one roof for a day’s picnic or as a retreat, providing campers with the best camping experience. This park is open seven days a week. The activities includes navigating a maze to improve mental focus and stamina, paintball in body armour and battle fatigues, a guided tour of a war zone, fun activities like magic show, puppet show, village fair, animal rides, etc and now this exciting longest zipline, which allows us to feel another level of adventure and thrill and will tortoise the camp’s bar to another level. This would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyone to feel the pride of being an Indian citizen. Lip smacking food available the whole day is another highlight of the park.

On adding another adventure to the army park, Maj Dinesh Sharma who started Delta 105 said, “The primary objective behind forming Delta 105 is to allow individuals to do something fascinating and exciting while also learning something new. We have a battle zone that resembles an international boundary where we describe everything about the enemy, wars, and how weapons are deployed in this section. We also teach how to fold a national flag and how to tie a knot. Apart from these exciting activities, here at camp stay, one can also learn about how jawans live in peace and conflict, with the highlight being the regional food of troops from various regiments provided in the Jawan’s hamlet. It gives us great joy and incentive to come up with new ideas and innovations, such as releasing the world’s longest zipline and making it a must-do sport for every citizen to do at least once in their lives.”