Colourful Artworks by Artist Rima Singh to brighten up your space


National, July 21, 2021: Living a life that is not filled with colors is not an adventurous life. Rima Singh is a visual artist her Artwork is bold and courageous.

Rima was born and brought up in the Middle East. That’s why her artwork is highly influenced by it. Rima was a child who believed in the extraordinary abilities of her surroundings. As a child, she used to create scenarios in her mind and entertain herself. She was easily amused by her surroundings and never got bored. Little things and small encounters around her have served as an inspiration for her art.

Her artworks are usually portraits and are made in various layers. Rima finds her inspiration from humans and their emotions. She tries to bring out the emotion’s humans hide inside them. She finds it honourable to be able to do such a thing. Although it is a very delicate and hard concept, Rima tries to draw them without getting discouraged.

Artwork details of the attached images are as follows :

1.      Don’t Talk Me – They are days when the only person you want to listen to is yourself.

2.      Faceless 2.2 – A part of emotionless series, where even when you hide your face, your aura shows.

3.      Faceless 2 – A part of emotionless series, where even when you hide your face, your aura shows.

4.      Looking Right and Looking Ahead – This artwork is meant to make you feel positive every morning. They are always looking ahead and high

5.      Looking Beyond – A hope for our future, once the covid is a topic of the history books. The shield is a constant reminder of the past.


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