Candies without the Nasties: Niblerzz


Experience nostalgia as you nibble away on delicious guilt-free real-fruit, vegan gummies made in India.

Mumbai, June 17, 2022: Have you ever found yourself walking past a candy store with your child, and felt that little yet mighty force dragging you towards the shop? And once inside, felt your heart melt as you watch them burst into joy and excitement, running through the aisles with the innocent twinkle in their eye and the purest smile. But then the fear of the sugar rush and health concerns start to creep in? Yes, we’ve all been there, and more often than not our fear of the excessive sugar intake triumphs over the simple moments filled with sweetness and joy. And this fear is not child-specific, it continues through adulthood and every thought of a piece of candy entering your mouth is accompanied by that crippling fear of weight gain, sugar levels spiking, and much more.

As a solution to this problem and here to keep your childhood memories of candy alive is Niblerzz, a real fruit gummy with no added sugar, preservatives, or flavours. Keeping in mind the changing times without comprising our need to satisfy our taste buds, this sugary candy is plant-based and doesn’t use any added sugar or preservatives but instead makes use of the already present sugar quotient in the fruits giving it a wholesome, nutritious and all-natural element. The candies are gelatin-free, vegan, and homegrown allowing you and your little ones to indulge in some good guilt-free candy bingeing or the cutest looking and great tasting candy. Not just for children, but also indulged in by adults, Niblerzz is one of the few houses of guilt-free candy proudly made in India.

So how did it come about? When the sweet ladies of Niblerzz Aashnee Gajaria and Sandhya Seshadri set out to satisfy their nostalgic cravings for all things sweet but healthy they came back empty-handed. Everywhere they went, they found the tastiest of candies but not the healthiest ones, filled with sugary & shady elements. Catering to the needs of the Indian market, which is predominantly vegetarian, the owners took it upon themselves to bridge the gap and deliver clean and nasty free candy labels for the people who seem to find themselves in the same dilemma and are just on the verge of giving up.

“Candy is loved by people everywhere, whether they’re a kid or an adult, it’s hard to resist the sugary delights that taste nothing less than heaven, what stops one from indulging in candies is fears and anxiety of excessive sugar, unknown preservatives, and cavities. Our attempt with Niblerzz is to get rid of all these hurdles and give back people the freedom to relive their childhood memories without any problem,” Says Sandhya Seshadri, Co-Founder. 

The all-natural fruit gummies are your best companion for every occasion, at any hour of the day, be it a snack party, a family movie night, a festive celebration, or just some personal downtime. Nibble on, not just on one but three different flavours- mango, orange, and blueberry; with many more flavours to be introduced soon.

“As a child, I absolutely adored candies, toffees and sweets –  something I can never have enough of even as an adult. But, there’s always an underlying feeling of guilt and shame of overeating, sugar rush and weight gain. To combat such thoughts we created Niblerzz with natural fruits and no artificial sweeteners. Our candies are safe and healthy to nibble on giving one a guilt-free experience,” says Aashnee Gajaria, Co-Founder.

So if you ever had a dream to build your own candy house, and live that sweet blissful life then the time has finally come, and this time you can let the little ones partake in your fantasy too and give them the pleasure of nibbling away on some good ‘ol candy without a care in the world! Get your fill today!