By maintaining the “Be vocal for local” concept, ETPS aims to reach Global!


Be vocal for local and aim to reach global. 

National, September 23, 2020:Our primary motive is not only business, but to build the business to a certain height along with maintaining harmony. Walking with the trend enforced by our honorable PM Modi of being “Vocal for local” is our primary target. Promoting, taking handmade, personal Indian businesses ahead, giving them support and branding them over the online market is the basic need of the hour and a much-needed attempt which we’re accepting with an open arm, by connecting and supporting small businesses and bringing them on the online market. Our intention is to not only involve big entrepreneurs but also to bring small vendors onto a huge platform and share their products into the online market and help them reach their customers with comfort and deliver all the way in urban as well as rural areas. Each and every vendor is given recognition in our company, we thoroughly appreciate their hard work, the efforts & the time value they put into their products. Walking with the trend enforced by our honorable PM Modi of being vocal for local is our primary target, promoting and taking handmade, personal Indian business ahead and giving them support over the online market is.

We established the idea for the ETPS MARKETPLACE PVT LTD in 2019 while keeping the buyer’s perspective in mind by the two young entrepreneurs, Mr. Nirendra Dubey, and

Mr. Umesh Gaikwad with a background in business technology, a passion for Internet Marketing, and a keen understanding on how to turn websites into profit centers. We are an E-commerce & Marketplace company which is headquartered at Mumbai, India. We encourage & help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers to bring their products to an online marketplace. We not only deal in Electronic appliances but also in Fashion & other Components. We even strive to have a positive impact on customers, employees, small businesses, the economy, and communities.

Our vision is to provide everything available under one roof, with minimal price tag and sooner delivery to every customer in any part of the country. We are smart, passionate builders with different backgrounds and goals, who not only provide a common desire to always be learning but also to invent on behalf of our customers. Our mission is to provide genuine products and expand our footprints from India to the global market with a satisfactory sense of responsibility towards the society. We determine to be the best at doing what matters the most, which is the happiness & satisfaction of the consumer and the seller. The short-term mission is to reach every household of India and understand the consumer needs to fulfill them better, and the long-term mission is to add value through mutual trust and transparency in a limitless, boundaryless-organization.


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