Buying a Sofa by Interior designer & Founder Homework Shagun Singh

Buying a sofa can be a fairly overwhelming experience. They are large items and expensive so it’s fair to say that investing in a sofa is a big commitment and some things are imperative to be kept in mind before you actually buy a sofa. Here are some of my thoughts on the subject
a. Layout of the Entire Space
Don’t pick up a piece just randomly just because you think it looks nice in a store. You need to think through the entire layout of the space for which you are purchasing the piece. The other pieces of furniture , art lighting everything has to look and match well together. I find that when I go to certain stores I am likely to pick a sofa that has been laid out carefully and interestingly with other pieces because the whole look is appealing. So bear in mind what you have in the space else you will find that what looked great in the store isn’t exactly looking quite as awesome in your home.
b. Comfort
Looks good but isnt comfortable then its all wrong. Knowing what your sofa is made from what’s behind the pretty fabric is important. Polyuthrene foam is the most commonly used foam for sofas. The density of the foam is another important aspect to figure. Foam density ranges for 28-52. Normally a comfortable sofa that neither sinks in too much nor is too hard has a density between 32-45 and is made with a combination of these densities.
c. Size & Shape
Commonly sofas are rectangular in shape but today there are many options available from sectionals to Oval to half moon. Checking placement is imperative for deciding what shape works best is always good idea plus remember to check for the right size. You don’t want to land up with a sofa that is bigger for the space or is just stuffed into a space. A sofa must have breathing space too.
d. Choosing Fabrics & Colors
For larger sofas I definitely recommend going with solid colors. The colors can be bright or neutral depending on your preference. But putting a print on such a large piece can make it look rather strange. Make sure your fabric is one which has a high martingale value as sofa fabrics should be able to handle rough wear and tear and should last upto five years. Avoid picking delicate fabrics on ones with too many threads that can easily dislodge the fabric.
e. Choosing the Base
It’s nice today to not choose sofas which are very bottom heavy and dug in look. Try and choose sofas which have nice legs and free space from the bottom. For starters you can always keep the floor under the sofa clean plus it gives a sense of space to the room. Choose wooden or gold plated legs to add some oomph to the space