Bringing Together the Essential Elements of a Great Shower GROHE Rainshower SmartActive Hand Shower & Body Spray


National, June 11, 2021: GROHE, a world leader in sanitary fittings, a division of the LIXIL Group introduces their all-new Rainshower SmartActive Hand Shower & Body Spray for a luxurious bath experience for its user.

The GROHE SmartActive Hand Shower offers three great spray patterns and comes in a choice of two sleek, minimalist shapes. You can start or end your day with a great shower experience, which leaves you refreshed and relaxed. With its smart functions and intuitive operations, the hand shower provides users with a relaxing shower experience tailored to their wishes.

Switch effortlessly between the invigorating Rain spray, the stress-busting ActiveMassage spray, and the Jet spray, powerful enough to rinse out shampoo or clean the shower with ease. The GROHE SmartTip controller on the back of the shower head lets you switch between spray patterns with just one click. The user can choose one of the three spray patterns with a single fingertip, Rain Spray which allows one a soft and refreshing shower, Jet Spray, the power shower after sports and ActiveMassage Spray, a moving spray that helps reduce stress and tension. For both Rain and Jet sprays, the clever GROHE DripStop feature minimizes dripping after you turn off the shower – just one more detail designed to put a smile on your face.

With GROHE Rainshower SmartActive Hand Showers, you will find the perfect fit for your bathroom, making it an ideal way to update and improve your existing shower setup.

The GROHE SmartActive Body spray is an upgrade to the daily shower routine with a pulsating water massage. Its control is intuitive via pop-up activation. When you activate the water, the body sprays pop out of the cover plate, allowing you to switch between Rain and Active Jet spray easily by turning them. When turning off the water, the body sprays pull back and blend into the rosette completely. This is a slim design for extra space in the shower.

Full freedom of choice is guaranteed with round and square designs, available to match your bathroom style. Furthermore, the new body sprays enable eco-conscious water usage thanks to water-saving EcoJoy technology. The GROHE body sprays make it easy to successfully combine responsibility with pure showering pleasure.

With the latest shower innovation from GROHE, you get a smart blend of style and functionality!



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