Blossom Biotechnology, Due to Create a Formidable Mark in the ‘Sustainable Living’ Category


National, January 10, 2021: Blossom Biotechnology is a global business entity that hones long-standing expertise in Bio-products due to manufacture across sectors such as cosmetics, healthcare, agriculture, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Blossom Biotechnology provides efficient engineering, technical and project management services for the process and related industries. Blossom Biotechnology is founded by Mr. Niranjan Inamdar and Mrs. Kalyani Inamdar who have been in the chemical industry all their life.

Mr. Niranjan was a sportsman and classical musician in his childhood and has a Master’s degree in Computer application. He learnt all about chemistry and it’s applications with his father Dr V. Inamdar and helped his father build Renuka Chemicals which is a pioneer in manufacturing various dyes and dye intermediates. Mrs. Kalyani Inamdar, a law student with excellent linguistic genius and a keen interest in science, joined Renuka Chemicals and is currently handling its manufacturing. They have spent years of hard work into building Renuka Chemicals into a formidable entity, and are now venturing to put their entrepreneurial skills to test.

Mr. and Mrs. Inamdar realised the need for a sustainable lifestyle, especially sustainable fuel that will help reduce the carbon emission of various industries. After thorough research, they learnt that Biodiesel is not only environment friendly but also a good business proposition with the government taking interest in biodiesel manufacturers. Biodiesel has a large and proliferated demand in countries like The United States of America and the United Kingdom and is set to revolutionise Indian markets as well.

Blossom Biotechnology aims to form alliances with companies such as Munzar Bharat, JSW, Cockett Marine and Aries among others. The aim is to be one of the largest suppliers of biodiesel in India and to promote a sustainable way of life.

“Biotechnology promotes sustainability and a better, greener way of life that is the need of the hour. Working in biotechnology has made me more eco-conscious and as opened my eyes to how hazardous our way of life is.” Mr. Niranjan Inamdar.

“After understanding the way various industries function presently and the change that biotechnology and biofuel can bring to our lives, it was important for me to be a part of this. I believe this is the way to better our lives and to ensure that we leave behind a better world for the generations to come.” Mrs. Kalyani Inamdar.


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