BL Agro Helps Improve Air Quality Index By 88%

  • Installs air purifiers in partnership with Pure Skies
  • Manufacturing Plant Operates 100% On Solar Power
  • First Plant To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Noida, June 07, 2021: On World Environment Day, BL Agro, INR 2500 crore edible oils and food products company said to have the only manufacturing unit in Uttar Pradesh, which operates on 100% solar power resulting in reducing the carbon emissions from the manufacturing plant. The company is also the first one to install air purifiers in partnership with Pure Skies, pollution control Equipment by Greentech, Devic Earth,and has been able to improve the air quality of Parsakhera Industrial Area in Bareilly by 88%.

As per Devic Earth’s report, after installation of Pure Skies in January, BL Agro’s Unit -1 has been able to bring down the PM2.5 and PM10 levels from 355±123 μg/m3 & 470±126 μg/m3, respectively to 52±23 μg/m3 & 108±40 μg/m3 in May, respectively. Unit-2 of the plant, brought down the PM2.5 and PM10 levels from450±144 μg/m3 and 641±160 μg/m3 respectively to 51±22 μg/m3 & 118±47 μg/m3 in May, respectively, making the city breathable.

BL Agro, as a large-scale industry, requires a continual supply of energy, and for such an industry type the Carbon emissions are quite natural. A higher rate of carbon emissions in the environment leads to a rise in the earth’s core temperature causing the Greenhouse Effect, thus resulting in Global Warming.

“Greenhouse gases not only impact the environment around but have adverse health impacts as well. Climate change led due to global warming not only leads to trapping heat, but is also a major contributor to respiratory disease caused by air pollutants. Thus, we, as a responsible corporate have a manufacturing unit, which relies 100% on solar power”, says Mr. Ashish Khandelwal, Managing Director, BL Agro on the observance of World Environment Day.

“We have also installed state-of-the-art air purifiers across our units that help curb and map our emissions, giving us a chance to minimize the emissions. This had led to improve the air quality of the industrial area making the environment safe and breathable”, adds Mr. Khandelwal. 

“Right from procurement to packaging, and storage to dispatch, we have ensured that we rely on world-class machinery that not only optimizes all business processes but also ensures maximum productivity with minimum wastage”, Mr. Khandelwal adds further.

BL Agro has always taken initiatives to make the environment clean and green.  The company started the plantation drive in the year 2015 and till date,has planted more than 15,000 saplings in the city.

BL Agro facilities are spread across multiple Refineries, Warehousing & Packaging Units in Bareilly, spread over 1,00,000 Sq. mtrs. The warehousing capacity is over 48,000 tonnes per day (TPD), Packaging Capacity is more than 1900 TPD and refining capacity crosses 700 TPD.


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