Artist Rima Singh Presents A collection of 7777 unique Women OF Future 2.0 NFTs Minted on Ethereum

WOF Roadmap

The first Indian Women-Led NFT project to launch on such a big scale 

National, February 22, 2022: The Women of Future is a 2 part project Women Of future Genesis (100qty) which is a Soldout collection and a bigger PFP collection Women Of Future 2.0 which will  go on Public Sale on 8th March

This powerful art aims to promote a bold and equal presence on web 3.0 in it’s true form. The NFT additionally acts as a token, which gives holders access to the WOF club and future utilities. So it’s time to Be the Change.

Speaking of her artworks Rima Singh says. “We are Artist First and are very excited about Web3 to give us a platform to showcase our work, but we are also Warriors and want to fight end violence against women. Why? Because 1 in 3 women globally experience violence. Every 3 women you interact with 1 of them are a victim of abuse”

So,10% of the sales go to supporting women who have been victims of abuse

The 8th of March is Women’s Day is when the Sale also goes Live:

10%: Our First Milestone

We want to show our love to our 10 early adopters and will Airdrop them 1/1 Hand-drawn artwork by the Artist

25%: We Are Getting There

We will identify 1 underrated NFT Project and help them launch it (Community Vote). The first preference to their work will go to our WOF & WOF2.0 holders

50%: Meet Me Halfway

We will open a Community Wallet and deposit 15 ETH (Community Decides)

We will make our first 5% donation to Guria India

75%: Last Leg Of The Marathon

Women of Future Merch will be launched and collaborate with local artisans from India to emperor the Artisans and create value for the Merch. #wenmerch

80%: We Can See The Finish Line

We will identify 3 underrated artists and help them to successfully launch their first NFT Collection (Artist First) and the first preference to their work will be given to our WOF and WOF2.0 Holder

100%: We Killed It

5% will be donated to ActionAid Association Charity Organization from Our Primary Sale.

The Metaverse Journey will Begin! See you there

** As artists first we want to empower many other artists in Our Community

** We want our community to see the charity we have chosen so they can connect with it

Why should you invest in Women Of Future?

  1. 1. You’ll Contribute 10% towards helping women who have been a victim of abuse
  2. 2. Creating value by collaborating using different channels
  3. 3. Support upcoming #nftartist

Links Of the project – Women Of Future Genesis

So it’s your chance to empower artists and to support women who are victims of abuse.