AQUATEIN: India’s first protein water startup rolls out 1200 new POS points across the country.


Mumbai, July 24, 2022: With the modern busy lifestyle, and the tropical weather of our country, it has become crucial now more than ever to stay fit & healthy. Be it the monsoons, the winters or the scorching heat, it is important to stay hydrated and what better way to stay hydrated than with much-needed Protein Water!

Redefining the beverage industry and bringing all of the nutrients and proteins right into the palm of your hand in the form of the world’s simplest liquid- water. Packed with goodness, AQUATEIN is India’s First Protein Water. A product to help maintain a balance between daily life and the nutrition one needs to keep up with it. Recently backed by Suniel Shetty as an investor and Brand Ambassador, Aquatein is here to drive that dehydration away all the while nourishing and replenishing your protein intake.

An innovation that started with a simple goal in mind – helping people achieve their protein intake levels is all set to hit the bull’s eye once more with its new & innovative ideas to make Aquatein a household name. Taking the product to every corner of the country through their strategic offline partnerships, the brand is all set to roll out 1200 direct points of sales and also take their brand international through strategic local partnerships in the MENA region.

“As a fitness enthusiast, I am always inclined to understand nutrition better. This led me to research, innovate and create unique nutritional products keeping our busy fast-moving lifestyles in mind. It’s my way of saying – you got a lot on your plate, let me worry about your nutrition. And when I see people loving our creation, it becomes the driving force behind my plans to keep thinking out of the box. Stay Healthy. Stay Fit. “ says Ananth Prabhala, Founder.

The pursuit to create an evolution in protein products led to years of ideation, trials, research and development. Brainchild of fitness enthusiast Ananth B Prabhala, Aquatein is born out of a passion and need to strike a balance between daily routine and love for fitness kickstarting the idea to create something basic, something simple. Carefully formulated and tested in a European lab led by a team of food technologists, and giving it the launch strategy is the co-founder Mitisha A Mehta. With her creative lens, expertise in design and brand strategy she sets the visual language and tone of Aquatein, making the brand, not just a treat for the tastebuds but the eyes too.

“I believe that if it doesn’t challenge me, it doesn’t excite me! So here I am with one-of-a-kind products in the country in an ever-evolving FMCG market. As Aquatein keeps moving forward and setting bigger goals, I am ready with the strategic plans for the future. My goal is to make Aquatein a household name.” says Mitisha Mehta, co-founder.

Also adding to their one-of-a-kind product line, the brand is all set to launch three new products to give your tastebuds a delight and provide you with an elevated drinking experience. The new launches can soon be found in the ‘healthy beverages’ aisles at your nearest stores.


Also on Amazon, HealthXP, Netmeds, and a fast-growing list of retail outlets across India.