Alpine A110 art car is a techno-pixel spirit


National, May 24, 2021: From the sidelines of the 2021 Monaco Grand Prix, Alpine, the resurrected French brand by Renault, had unveiled the A110 art car. Designed by Argentinian artist Felipe Pantone, this is the second collaboration piece after the artistic interpretation of Alpine’s Formula 1 car in ½ scale model.

Finished on the all-black paint scheme, the graphics infused on the two-seater sports car claims to give an impression of speed even when the car stands still. It also features the signature colours of Felipe Pantone while the concoction of intermingling shades of blue-white-red pixels, racing flag, and black-white running lines adds a unique appearance.

“My idea regarding the work on the A110 is to evoke a sense of ‘ultradynamism’”, says Pantone. The 35-year-old contemporary artist had carried out the entire design on the coupe by hand over several weeks. And to add to the exclusivity, each of the three models that will be available for sale will feature subtle graphic variations to make a bespoke A110s for the buyers according to the reports published in

Based on the A110S, the most powerful version of the French sports coupe, each of the three art cars demand a price tag of 125,000 euros (including tax). Although it is targeted at collectors and not track fans, the A110 art cars have conditions to be bought and that will be disclosed by Alpine at a later date.


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