Acharya Tulsi Academy Orchids The International School teams up with kids from Prayajan NGO for a ‘Friendly Football Match’


National, December 17, 2022: While the roar of the World Cup rings across the globe, students of Acharya Tulsi Academy Orchids The International School (OIS)l decided to unite with the kids from Prayajan NGO for a friendly football match. The two-day match witnessed enthusiastic participation from both the school and the NGO. The two-day match culminated today at the school ground after a thrilling final between the children. 11 students from grade 3 at OIS and 11 kids from Prayajan NGO participated in the match.

There were two teams, Little Champs, and Little Idols; both teams were a mix of OIS and Prayajan NGO. The NGO kids visited the school a couple of days earlier, where the football coach trained them along with the students of OIS. The final match took place on the football ground at the school premises, where team Little Champs defeated team Little Idols by scoring 6 – 3 goals. Raju Saha from Prayajan scored the maximum goal for Team little champs and was awarded ‘Man of the Match’. Others who scored the goals were Aryan Singh, Rishi Das, and Ishaan Acharya from team Little Idols.

Sharmili Shah, Principal of Acharya Tulsi Academy Orchids The International School, said, “I take immense pride in saying that Orchidians are following the right footsteps. Orchids-friendly football match was organized to celebrate and bring home the passion of football and dwell in the current celebrations across the world. Kolkata is a football-friendly city, and we saw how the students enjoyed the match. We also tried to inculcate the feeling of unity and how sports can unite the world”.