A Visionary with a Hospitality Edge!


National, February 19, 2022: A task master, intuitive, assertive, but a visionary with an ever-evolving mind-set to present something innovative and creative for the betterment and holistic growth of the group – Lords Hotels and Resorts. That is Mrs. Sangita Bansal, Director-par-excellence; who is well exposed to the challenges of the hospitality industry.

Mrs. Bansal is a post graduate from Rajasthan University and carries more than a decade of experience in operations of hotels in USA. She was associated with Most Unexceptional Western and Howard Johnson. Her vision for Lord chains is sustainability and consistent growth that has led to the overall growth of the company; including its people and their competencies.

With her support, the group has managed to maintain and continuously improve various aspects in the spectre of hospitality; including its marketing strategy. She was instrumental in investing in new technology and encourages the team tobe technically innovative and move forward the practical way.

The industry has observed that the present scenario in the hotel sector is dominated by women with an average 55.5% of the workforce, but it is still managed by men, as women are mainly found in positions that were previously attributed to their gender, such as housekeeping. Mrs. Bansal in her part has always empowered women’s’ role in the tourism sector through Lords Hotels and Resorts and the Lords Institute of Management. Its CSR initiative aptly named as “HunarSe RozgarTak” is one of the initiatives she is passionate about, where she has emphasised on giving importance and recognizing raw talent of underprivileged children in Surat and nurturing them with the skill development opportunity in the hospitality sector.Children of Municipal Schools; especially girls from the neighbouring villages are scouted for talent and the best are offered scholarship and enrolled in the free Certification Course models that specializes in every area of the hospitality industry; offering an excellent opportunity to the girl child from the economical weaker sections of the society to gain entry into the management of the hospitality industry.

Although there is a lack of women in leadership positions, according to Mrs. Bansal, “having more women in leadership positions offers an important, diverse perspective that helps us create offerings at our hotels that resonate with our guests; and there is an ease of doing business with women. Here, the right woman leadership and composure matters; and we at Lords have pushed the envelope further by appointing women in leadership positions.”

At Lords, we are increasingly appointing women to occupy managerial level positions, be it in Revenue, Marketing, HR, Housekeeping, Guest Service, and Front Office Department. Mrs. Bansal signs off by stating that “women are the best at making a place feel warmer, and are initiators of growth and sustainability.” Happy International Women’s’ Day to all!